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FESPA connects the global print community through a network of 37 national associations. Access exclusive high-value resources and fantastic networking opportunities.

Who is FESPA?
FESPA is an international federation of 37 national associations in the field of screen printing, digital printing and textile printing.

Printeriors 2019 will present interior and exterior decoration applications at the Global Print Expo 2019 fair to be held in Munich (Germany) from May 14 to 17, 2019.

Printeriors is part of the experience for visitors to FESPA Global Print Expo and presents the many advantages and opportunities of using printing in interior decoration. Similar to what happened last year, Printeriors 2019 will take the form of an interactive experience for the visitor and will be located in the East Entrance of the Messe München exhibition center, where it will exhibit a whole series of interior decoration applications, such as wallpaper, light boxes, upholstery (including curtains and cushions), table and side tables, graphics on shop windows and chairs.

This year, as a novelty, Printeriors is an exterior element that will be located in specific areas outside the Messe München fairgrounds and where applications for outdoor decoration will be exhibited. Within this area, visitors will be able to see and interact with a series of applications for outdoor printed decoration, including sun loungers, umbrellas and sustainable signage solutions for outdoor use.
FESPA is currently working with illustrator Jasper Goodall on designs for Printeriors applications, which will be based on the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) under the slogan: “Inspired by Nature. Powered by printing. ” Having a set of designs translates into greater cohesion and contrast between printed applications throughout Printeriors.

Printeriors aims to connect brand owners, interior decorators, designers and architects with print service providers and manufacturers, offering them an exclusive showcase where they can witness the possibilities offered by printing for interior decoration. Visitors inspired by the applications included in Printeriors will be able to talk with the fair’s exhibitors, who will be able to help them make their interior decoration ideas come true.

Duncan MacOwan, FESPA Event Manager, comments: “In recent years, thanks to the impetus of digital printing technology, printing has been transforming the way designers and architects work. Last year we decided to change the focus of Printeriors to an interactive proposal and place it at the entrance of FESPA Global Print Expo, a proposal that was very well received by both visitors and exhibitors and we hope that, by repeating the same this year, all the Visitors to FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 will enjoy an unforgettable experience. “
“The expansion of Printeriors to include an outdoor area allows us to expose a full range of applications and offer a space where visitors can get to know Printeriors abroad while they rest from the interior.”

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