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PRIMIR (Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization) is the research unit of the Association for Print Technologies. We are a trusted global source of data, analysis and trend information about print and related communications industries through research—initiated by the industry, for the industry.

Unmatched Research Value
PRIMIR annually produces nearly $500,000 in timely research studies. Our research studies are commissioned on diverse and relevant topics pertaining to print and related graphic communications industries.

The research studies are member driven. New topics are suggested by APTech and PRIMIR members. Along with APTech/PRIMIR staff, task forces made up of interested members, direct outside consulting teams who conduct the research for APTech/PRIMIR. Through task force participation, the organization provides an outstanding forum for market strategists to work in a peer situation developing and managing major market research projects. The research data is valuable for members to evaluate the markets and plan their product developments.

Any firm, corporation, division or separate business unit of a corporation, engaged in printing or converting by any and all processes, within the United States or globally, or in the manufacture or distribution of equipment, software, materials or supplies to the graphic communications or converting industry, is eligible for PRIMIR membership. Membership is open to manufacturers, suppliers, printers, converters or brand owners. PRIMIR’s annual dues range from $416 to $8,100 depending upon global annual sales volume. Apply here for corporate membership.

PRIMIR also offers a subscription service for educational institutions (i.e. universities). Apply here to be a subscriber.

For more information, please contact Rekha Ratnam, Senior Director, PRIMIR Market Research at [email protected]

The PRIMIR Insights Conference offers an opportunity to network with peers who are interested in tomorrow’s problems and solutions. Our conference also provides an opportunity to hone research skills and learn about new resources.

It is a forum for: consultants to present completed research studies; members to exchange valuable ideas and network; and, working task forces to meet and forward the progress of their studies. In addition, meetings include plant tours, panel discussions, as well as, informational and educational presentations.

APTech and PRIMIR members receive new studies as they are published. In addition, there is a wealth of information available here, including previous and recent research reports, PowerPoint presentations, abstracts of each study that has been published; as well as live and archived webinars, dynamic data dashboards, videos and podcasts.

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