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About B65 Standards

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About B65 Standards

The B65 Committee is a standards-developing group accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).It has been in existence since the early 1950’s, administered at that time by the National Safety Council and Printing Industries of America. In the early 1970’s the committee became inactive for some time and was re-activated and re-accredited by ANSI in 1983, under the administration of APTech.

The B65 Committee develops ANSI safety standards for:

  • printing presses and press systems
  • binding/finishing equipment and systems
  • bindery cutting machines
  • platen presses
  • ink making equipment

These standards address:

  • design, arrangement, designation, and color scheme of controls and signaling devices
  • guarding and interlocking of guards
  • mechanical safety devices
  • symbology
  • safe practices as they apply to printing equipment


As the printing machinery industry becomes more globally focused, the design of uniform international safety standards is increasingly important. These standards allow manufacturers to design and build equipment to a single set of safety standards, regardless of the country of import/export.

The B65 Committee coordinates with similar activities in the European community and other countries through participation in related work within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO TC 130, the technical committee for the graphics arts within ISO, contains an international working group (WG5) that deals with ergonomics and safety. The United States, in the form of NPES, is responsible for the management of the work done by this working group. The B65 Committee provides technical experts who attend the meetings of ISO TC 130 WG5 to provide input to this international work.

The B65 subcommittee members serve as advisors to the US TAG to ISO TC 130, advising on the U.S. position on international safety standards. Much of the B65 work is being incorporated into safety standards that are being developed internationally by ISO TC 130.

Participation on B65 committees and at meetings is open to anyone having an interest.
For more information contact the APTech Standards Department.

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